Gilbert Real Estate: Is it a Buyer Or Seller Market? An interview with Amy Golba. Also December 2014 real estate results for Gilbert, Mesa and Chandler.

In this edition of I discuss with Amy Golba the state of real estate market in the Southeast Valley of Greater Phoenix and specifically Gilbert, Arizona.  Amy is the owner and designated broker of Century 21 Platinum Real Estate.  Amy and her agents spend a lot of time in the Southeast Valley markets of Gilbert, Mesa, Chandler and Ahwatukee.  Amy is also a principal in the Golba Group, which manages over a thousand single family property rentals.    This interview was conducted in November 2014.

Year-to-Year Comparison of Existing Single Family Sales for the month of December

Below the video is a comparison of December 2014 to December 2013 existing single family homes sales for Gilbert, Mesa, and Chandler.  Median sale prices were up in all three cities this December over last December.  Gilbert shined with 23% more sales, while Chandler sales were about the same.  Mesa sales were up 6%. The data is from the Arizona Regional Multiple Listing Services, Inc.


Sales Sales Median Sale Price
City Month 2013 2014 Change Change 2013 2014 Change Change
Gilbert December 306 377 71 23.2% $254,375 $256,000 $1,625 0.6%
Mesa December 466 495 29 6.2% $187,000 $192,000 $5,000 2.7%
Chandler December 292 290 -2 -0.7% $245,000 $258,000 $13,000 5.3%

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