Paradise Valley Real Estate: Video makes Inman News featured story!

The Power of Video:  Video of Paradise Valley luxury home makes Inman News featured story and shows seller praising listing agent.

On August 15, 2014 Inman news included a video in their featured story 6 tips to get your clients to brag about you.  The seller of a luxury home in Paradise Valley, Arizona sings praises of her listing agent in the video.  Right before the luxury home closed, I contacted the listing agent to see if she and the seller would let me interview them.  They both said yes.   I thought there was a story to be told about the home.  The property sold for $6.8 million and was 16,000 square feet.  The listing agent Victoria Felice used a different video of the property to send to potential long distance buyers.  She credits this video for helping to get the attention of the buyer who turned out to be a local buyer.

The testimonial from the seller gives a powerful boost to the skills and credibility of the real estate agent.  But there is another side of the story not told in this video.  The video was first released about seventeen months ago.  So about a year and a half after the video was released, the video receives national attention in the Inman News story.  So remember, video has a long life.  And long life is especially good when a client is praising you.  Below is link to the video and the Inman News story.

INMAN NEWS, August 15, 2014

We’ve all heard it said that it’s easier to keep a happy client than to lose an unhappy one. The unfortunate truth is that unhappy people are more likely to spread their ill feelings about something or someone (whether justified or not). Here’s a few excellent ways to get your happy clients to spread the word about you.

Video testimonials — Video is an extremely valuable marketing tool in today’s high-tech world. Ask your clients if they would be willing to give you a video testimonial. Set a time with them and start recording. Put all your testimonials together in one video and post it to YouTube, your website and blog site, and social media. Victoria Felice did an awesome job of creating a testimonial video below. It certainly has the WOW effect!

To read the full article in Inman News by Pamela Cendejas of Second Self Virtual Assistance that was posted on ActiveRain.

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